Saturday, September 20, 2008

My ONE and ONLY rant for the winter

So I was pretty bummed today. It is really...and I mean really....dark and gloomy. I was also not very stoked on riding my mountain bike with slicks on the road. After spending the summer in sunny San Diego riding a road bike....this was quite the opposite. So I am going to use this post to bitch, put things in perspective, and move on.

I can hardly believe that I rode my mountain bike on the road all last winter. Today it felt like I was riding through sand. And it took me an hour to go 10 miles....LOL! So the ride wasn't what I wanted it to be. At least I got a ride in.

The weather sucks. But I thought back to last winter and realized that I would be stoked on today because although the ground was's wasn't raining. Making it what would be classified as a 'good day.' There is something about training in crappy weather that makes me more focused. Small town + bad weather + not much to do = very focused training. Train, eat, sleep, work a little..... looks like it will be my winter. Not all a bad thing.

Oh, and this was at 2 PM!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Inspired by this crazy little town...

So I have been back in Olympia for 4 days. I have come to the conclusion that this town makes me smile. But really, it's just an easy going place that the weirdest shit happens. Lol.... so I thought that this time around I would document it for pure entertainment purposes. It also doesn't help that training through the winter here gets a little lonely and boring. So it will give me something to do. And if this winter is anything like last winter...stay tuned for what might become the script to a horror movie....