Thursday, May 28, 2009

Finally starting to feel strong on the bike

Whoa, so I have been slacking on this. I have been pretty much just trying to keep my head above water. I have been pretty trashed after working and then on my 3 or 4 days off have been spent recovering. I just start feeling good again and then it’s back to work. So training was fit in there somewhere, but it wasn’t quality. By some miracle, the last three weeks, my training has been amazing. I mean my legs have felt better and stronger than they have ever felt. My work schedule has slowed down and I have done a few 4 hour rides with at least 2 hour rides in between. It’s not so good on the paycheck, but that’s not the priority right now. I can grow up later. For now I’m going to ride my bicycle.

Up until today I was totally freaked out about riding the 200 mile STP. Today during my ride I decided that I was going to be able to do it without a problem. My legs felt awesome. And better yet I’m doing the highest volume I have ever done. Now that things are going a little more smoothly I can focus on fundraising efforts.

So I didn’t finish writing about the FSH auction because it was kind of a hard time for me. Not the auction itself, but just a hard time in general. The weather was killing me. It was my first winter back in Washington in 6 years. It is so dark! Also, I was kind of dwelling on my disability. This doesn’t happen very often, and if it does I don’t normally talk about it. I always try and keep a positive spin on things. But it happens sometimes and I guess I write this blog so people can relate….. So I guess I will break my rule of not talking about it. But long story short, the auction came at a good time and I came out the other side much better.

Life is good.