Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Relationship with Shopping

Just about every time my Johnny and I are perusing a store, I get the question, “you really don’t like shopping do you…?”  It normally comes up, when I start acting like a 5 year old who is tired and hungry, and ready to go home 30 minutes ago.  The truth is I really like shopping.  It’s something my Mom and I used to do a lot, but as my FSH has progressed it has become something that is no longer “fun” for me.

I have talked about risk vs reward before.   Example:  Something like hiking the Na Pali Coast is potentially very risky in the fact that the strenuous hike will further deteriorate my condition.  BUT…. The reward is HUGE.  Therefore in my mind it is totally worth it.  Standing in a florescent lit room for 2 hours listing to techno or oldies….  not so worth it.  It’s really hard to explain, but just standing for long periods of time, tends to be the hardest thing on my body.

For now I will enjoy perusing stores from the comfort of my computer, allowing me energy to do other things….. like riding.  As well as riding….. and then more riding.  Maybe further on down the road when I require 4 wheels to get around easily I will take to the neon lights again.  For now, my pocket book thanks me.

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